New feature: game comments

Posted on May 19, 2009 22:30
Users can now comment a game, as long as they are registered in a championship.

Sometimes players need to interact before the games. For example to decide where to play, what teams shall be arranged or simply to argue who's going to win. After the match some players like to brag how they won, while others like to thank the other team for the pleasant match.

Cavortify makes this all possible, as users are now able to comment a game. Everybody can say what they want, not only about the games where they participate, but also for games played by two other opponent teams. However, the user can only comment a game if he is a member of the game's championship. Don't be affraid to comment a match, afterall you can just delete it if you wish.

All championship managers can allways delete a comment if they think it is unnapropriate, as a security measure to avoid spam or abuse.

Feel free to talk about a match and challenge your friends with this new feature.

Have fun,
  The (happy) Cavortify team.